This summer has been outrageously busy both personally and professionally.  I set out at different points this year to accomplish two things – kick ass at work, get promoted, and pick up a sizable raise and bonus. And like every summer before, I really wanted a good tan.

On the first front, I am pleased to report that I’ve been promoted to a senior manager after being with my public accounting firm for 8 years.  I’ll note this is nothing short of a miracle considering I had one foot out the door before I’d even been promoted to senior.  I made some pretty solid relationships with certain coworkers that became mentors and sponsors that always go up to bat for me.  Because of the people, I’ve truly love it here.  The money also doesn’t hurt.

That being said, I did have a health hiccup related to the unnaturally high levels of coffee and stress I seem to take on daily. I’m committing this year to take baby steps to make working toward my long term career goals more sustainable.

Related to my second, more vapid goal, I have been able to take some trips here and there to work on my tan.

I traveled with my twin sister and best friend just earlier last week to Long Branch in NJ.  It was a cute beach town that was surprisingly hopping.  Time with these two make me feel very grounded and recharged.  I get back to the basics and feel like a teen living on Long Island without a care in the world.  We enjoyed the beach, lounged by the pool, watched a lot of Olympic events, and ate and drank a ton.  Like any trip with girlfriends, we also left with a ridiculous amount of inside jokes and memories that I’ll always cherish.  Apologies for getting sappy, I watched Beaches last night, the ultimate girlfriends movie.

This past weekend, I took the boat over to Martha’s Vineyard to spend some time with Mr. E’s family. Cousin Mary had her bridal shower on Sunday for her upcoming wedding this October. It was a beautiful shower and her bridesmaids, girlfriends, and family are all wonderful.  I was also so happy to spend time with my nephew Hudson.  He’s such an adorable little nugget.

The rest of our trip we spent gallivanting around the island. It was ridiculously hot and being the nutcase I am, I made my poor husband work out with me both days… outside. What a champ!

The two trips have earned me a solid golden skin tone.  However, next week I’m heading down to Virginia Beach where I pick up a solid week of sun and achieve my island brown.  Wish me luck!

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