Heading down to Virginia Beach has been a long, long, longstanding tradition in my family.  Our first summer down in Sandbridge was in 2001, when I was 14.  Ever since then, my family’s spent  each summer getting prune-y in the pool, riding bikes, eating family favorite recipes and getting our quality time together.

It’s been years and we’ve had some very hard losses in our family. Coming back to this house gives us all the opportunity to reminisce… generally through hilarious storytelling where my poor grandpa isn’t around to defend himself.

It’s only been day 4 since we arrived on Saturday, and already I feel so relaxed and happy.  My cousin Beth and her husband Carl are expecting their first child on Valentine’s Day. That’s  February 14th for all you heartless ghouls out there.  How precious is that?  It’s so exciting since she’s the first one of the cousins to have a little one.  I can’t even wait to see this baby!!!

Another thing I love about this trip is how perfect the beach is for sunrises. The gentle waves and the long coast makes for perfectly calm reflection pools. This and yesterday morning, I hauled ass to the beach at 5:45 to catch morning twilight. Both days were absolutely gorgeous.  Yesterday, there were a few pods of dolphins that were jumping out of the water! I felt like my twin and our husbands had a front row seat at Seaworld!

This morning, the water was a little more choppy and I couldn’t spot any dolphins.  However, the sky had those perfect wispy clouds that I love during sunrises.  My dad and I were rewarded with one of the top three sunrises I’ve ever seen.  I’m so glad since I had to lug my dad’s tripod to the beach. At least that made it worth it.


We have three more full days and then the long journey back to New York.  As noted in my last post, I plan on getting maximum sun time.  I’m still sticking with my BBG workout craziness, so I’ve been biking, swimming, walking at the beach, and doing Kayla’s 30 minutes of pain and suffering. We also have skeet shooting coming up on Thursday, because when you’re in the South, why the hell not??  Most importantly, I plan on being a little sponge and getting all the family time in that I can before we all head our separate ways.

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