With only one day left of our family getaway, I’m savoring every last bit.  That includes eating with reckless abandon, spending as much time in the pool, and seizing new adventures.

We spent nearly all day yesterday hanging around the pool. When my fingers and toes were sufficiently pruney, I hopped out of the water to learn a new game. My cousin Aly and her boyfriend brought a Polish horseshoe set with them. Both Aly and her boyfriend are ultimate frisbee pros, so anything involving a frisbee they’re usually very good at. My husband had quite a knack for it.  I, on the other hand, sent poor Buzz and Mr. E off into the bay in our backyard after my renegade frisbee tosses.

Mr. E, my brother in law, and I headed the airport earlier this morning to send my husband on his way to an Oklahoma wedding.  It was too bad because he missed out on something I was especially excited for – skeet shooting.

I’m a far cry from a gun sporting enthusiast. However, the draw of commanding “pull!” and having to obliterate your moving clay target seemed too good not to experience at least once. Our instructor Carol Smeltzer (nee Gephart) was an Olympic trap shooter, a certified bad ass, and an all around great woman.

Holding the gun was incredibly awkward.  I’ve shot pistols before at gun ranges, but clearly a shotgun is a very different animal. Once I had my face nestled good and close to avoid getting slapped in the cheek, I yelled my first “pull” and missed.  Shocking I know. The sheer power of this thing initially sent my shoulder flying back. I eventually got the feel for it and the abuse of getting slapped around by the gun seemed to calm down.  My next goal was to hit the fleeing target. In the end, I think I hit may 5 of my 15-20 shots. I could tell I got closer and closer each time I shot until I finally hit the damn thing. Unfortunately, once I got into a groove my arms felt like jelly. Clearly, my BBG arm workouts are not doing my any favors here!  Everyone had a great time and hit the pigeons.  Kevin, my brother-in-law, was a natural.  Right out the gate, he hit is first one and never stopped. I think he was a hunter in a prior life. I can’t wait for next year, because I am bee lining right back.

Afterwards, we all felt we deserved some ice cream and Aly’s famous carbonara, my absolute favorite.  I figure, if I’m making it a cheat day, aim high right?

Tomorrow is our last full day. Unfortunately, I couldn’t dodge work forever, although I came pretty close to having an official no-work vacation this summer.   I have a conference call tomorrow at 11, but afterwards, I am gluing myself to a pool float until sundown.

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