Last weekend, my twinnie and I celebrated our 30th birthday a bit prematurely. Mr.E and my brother in law orchestrated some pretty nifty moments including our surprise dinner guests, my parents!  I’m not one for surprises, but I loved this one.  My parents live on Long Island so it’s always really special when they come to Boston for a visit.  I’m waiting for the day they make the final move up here.

The following day, we had a casual get together at the house with friends and family, including my cousins who also made the road trip from New York.  Our husbands know us so well and got Georgetown Cupcakes with our good lookin’ mugs on them.  Hilarious!

The final and biggest hurrah was the Adele tickets that Mr. E had gotten us months ago.  The show was incredible and I sang my diva loving heart out.  I also got to practice using my new point and shoot Canon, which was a gift to myself for the upcoming trip to Italy — 5 days and counting!

I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by people I love and who love me. My last days in my 20s were more than I could ask for and my first few days being 30 aren’t looking too bad either.  I usually say Monday is the pits, but tomorrow I’m taking 30 head on.  I think my 30s are going to be some of the best years yet.

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